Gold 2021 / Nature / Sunset

Sunset Wonders

  • Photographer
    Bence Mate
  • Agency / Studio
    Bence Mate's Photography
  • Prizes
    Gold in Nature/Sunset

Throughout my photographic career, I have always sought opportunities to incorporate the sun into my wildlife images. It is a challenge to find the ideal position where subject, landscape and sun align in a perfect composition. Often this happens when the sun is close to the horizon so I need to protect my eyes by never looking directly into the sun. I compose instinctively in my peripheral vision, glancing only at the corners of the images and using telephoto lenses to maximise the size of the sun relative to the animals in the foreground.

Wildlife photographer, born in Hungary, 1985. In 2010 he won the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photography of the Year award in London. He is the most effective photographer in the 53-year-old history of the competition, being the only contestant winning the first prize in both the young and adult categories. In 2005 he developed the one-way glass photography technique, making fundamental changes in hide photography practice. This technique has been widely used all over the world, and most hides are equipped with such glasses.