Silver 2021 / Nature / Seasons

Summer Forest Fairies

  • Prizes
    Silver in Nature/Seasons
  • Company
    Photostudio Koseki
  • Photographer
    Kazuaki Koseki

Himebotaru, which is an indigenous firefly species of Japan, fly around the summer forest while repeating a blink of a short time—reminiscent of Christmas illumination. The females cannot fly, only the males. The sight is fantastic enough to forget the awe of the night forest. It is the brightness of life for only ten days of the summer. The forest where many creatures live is a creature. They are a precious existence that people should not threaten. I just hope that this forest and its fireflies will be protected.

1977 born in Yamagata, Japan. And the person shooting,I’m shooting the landscape of Yamagata,Japan. While feeling with the “five senses” the four seasons in Yamagata of Japan living now, I am photographing the world weaving the mountains, the forest and the river. He has won numerous awards in overseas photo competitions, has been selected twice as the competition visual of the world's largest photography online magazine Lensculture in 2019, and has been included in the online version of National Geographic.