Bronze 2021 / Nature / Pets

Goat & Horns 2

  • Photographer
    Giacomo Giannelli
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Nature/Pets

In my latest collection, Goat & Horns: return to mysticism, I wanted to represent the animals in all their beauty and through the strong shadows, free them from the enclosure in which they were locked up. Restoring dignity and spirituality, the gaze of the goats in some shots is hypnotic and at times full of mysterious energy.

Giacomo Giannelli is an Italian Fine Art photographer based in London. With a background in storytelling, he has always been fascinated by all forms of art from a very young age. He is strongly influenced by concepts related to the passage of time, moods and the link with one's origins. His observation is a coming into contact with the soul of the subject which then becomes Artwork. In his works, one can also notice a strong contrast due to the will to come into contact with the deepest part of the work of art. He has been exhibiting and selling his works of art Internationally.