Bronze 2021 / Nature / Aerial

Over The Iceberg (Black and White)

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Nature/Aerial
  • Company
    CEO Photo Group
  • Photographer
    Hsiaohsin Chen

I took a small plane to witnessed rich and varied iceberg type: glacier, ice field, ice cap and numbers of different icebergs. Trying to find a very different view to discover iceberg topography and landform. However, due to the influence of global warming that the ice layer and icebergs are dissolved. It is not just caused the original beautiful landscape has disappeared but also damage to human living environment and the destruction of the entire natural ecology. Hoping this series could remind people to protect our planet and cherish unexpected beauty in the world.

Over 15 years as a CXO level in the information industry. Currently is a photographer, traveler, lecturer, blogger writer, and professional business consultant. Hoping that with the eyes of the photographer, will bring you different field of vision.