Bronze 2021 / Fine Art / Special Effects

Futuristic Birth

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Fine Art/Special Effects
  • Photographer
    Cheraine Collette

This series is dedicated to showing the possible future of human birth. To inspire future generations to preserve their natural heritage. How will the development of a person go in the future? Will we be born as fully grown people with a dreamed childhood? Will we be physically perfected by our faith in science and machines, or will we always remain a product of influences of the outside world? Forgetting the world outside is a reflection of the world within.

Cheraine Collette, born in the Netherlands, graduated in 2015 in Photographic Design at The Fotovakschool University of Applied Photography. Cheraine's work covers every aspect of photographic production, from photographing- to manipulating and digitally painting her images. Her works form imaginary worlds that are built out of a large body of photographs of nature, and locations that are captured across Europe and Africa, and are digitally painted together on her digital canvas.