Gold 2021 / Fine Art / Portrait

Delberated Altered Lights

  • Prizes
    Gold in Fine Art/Portrait
  • Company
    Carella & Co
  • Photographer
    Francesco Carella

Can our perception of photography be influenced in all kinds of ways? Beautification filters, social networks are constantly bombarding us with aesthetic images that meet current beauty canon. And if I preferred to do the opposite ? If I was nostalgic for old photos, those prints where you had to work with light, play with the enlarger light machine. Wasn't that the way to get along with reality? Or rather to engage the energy of an image towards the soul, the feeling that the photographer wants to show us. Deliberated alteration perhaps allows to hide the secondary to reveal the essential.

Francois Carella makes photography as he builds his life, with simplicity, sharing and tolerance. He has this real ability to go beyond the clich├ęs to meet other. That's what makes it unique in its life's path. Whether macon, painter, boxer, photographer or father, he holds meetings and shared and sincere friendships. In New York, inhuman size and density city or in Sicily, a tortuous past island and development difficult, he is absorbed by the human warmth. Could you feel all of humanity in the photographs he proposes if it was not a reflection of what he gives?