Silver 2021 / Fine Art / Collage

The Last Resort

  • Prizes
    Silver in Fine Art/Collage
  • Company
    Imverbund Gmbh
  • Photographer
    Andreas Kremer

In the Last Resort I integrate typical urban and landscape scenes into a spatially and culturally different context. My aim is to illustrate the interaction between nature and the space claimed by humans, thereby alluding to current challenges such as climate change, rural exodus, exclusion or the clash of social orders. In deceptive harmony, the monumental visions present a closed, possibly existing world and leave the question of anticipated future or presence unanswered. They might stimulate reflection on the way we think of the world and our place in it today.

Influenced by artists such as Daido Moriyama, Andreas Kremer has been looking for the special gaze on his trips to the metropolises. The fascination culminated in his first photobook TENSION in 2019. In parallel, he was fascinated as well by the monumental scenes of Andreas Gursky. In contrast to street photography, which crops a “section” of the world, Kremer's desire to be a “picture maker” like a painter is what drives him more and more. This wish culminated in his current group of works "The Last Resort" in 2021, in which he used the collage technique in a modern, digital form.