Bronze 2021 / Fine Art / Abstract

Lunaria Rediviva

  • Photographer
    Maja Strgar Kurecic
  • Agency / Studio
    Faculty of Graphic Arts
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Fine Art/Abstract

For this series I was inspired by Lunaria Rediviva - its fragility but also its strength to revive every year... Lunaria Rediviva is the Latin name for the perennial plant that can be found in woods of Europe. When the flowers fall off in late summer, translucent, elliptical, flat seeds pods appear. Their appearance is reminiscent of the Moon (lat. lunaria). Although at this stage the plant is completely dry and looks dead, a new life will sprout from the seeds. Redivivus means 'reviving from a dry state, brought back to life, living again'.

Maja Strgar Kurecic is an Associate Professor at Faculty of Graphic Arts, University of Zagreb, where she teaches photography. Area of research relates to digital photography and graphic design. Beside scientific work, she is engaged in artistic photography, publishing many photographs in books, magazines, daily newspapers, art calendars, posters. She exhibits photographs on 47 group and 20 independent exhibitions, held in country and abroad. She is a member of ULUPUH (Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts) and CPPA (Croatian Press Photographers Association).