Bronze 2021 / Fine Art / Abstract

Multi-Angled, Multi-Opacity, 360-Degree Tree

  • Photographer
    Lee Ching Kai
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Fine Art/Abstract

The fine-art, abstract series of images were each made by combining the plant that was captured from at least eight angles, and some go up to fifteen angles. Then, I combined the different facets of the tree with various opacity, and digitally enhanced them to produce the multi-angled, multi-opacity, 360-degree tree in an artistic and aesthetic way. I want the viewers to feel the essence of art, and to see the eloquent beauty of the tree when seen from multiple perspectives. Similarly, if we view our lives in multiple perspectives, we might see wonders, and there is more than meets the eye.

I am an international multiaward-winning, news-featured photographer who does personal and commercial photography. I have won the San Francisco Bay International Photography Awards 2020, Minimalist Photography Awards 2020, International Photography Awards (IPA) 2020, Still Awards 2020, Neutral Density Awards 2020, Chromatic Awards 2020, Monochrome Awards 2020, APA Annual Photography Awards 2020, and Fine Art Photography Awards 2021. I have been featured in Guang Ming Daily Newspaper in Malaysia in August 2020 due to global accomplishments. I have also been a wedding photographer in my country.