Bronze 2021 / Events / Wedding

L'Emozione Non Ha Voce

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Events/Wedding
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  • Photographer
    Luigi Rota

un raggio di luce entra dall'alto della chiesa subito dopo lo scambio degli anelli il giorno del matrimonio , la sposa si emoziona ed avvolta dalla luce in un momento unico ed un ricordo eterno

Professional photographer, traveller, teacher. Born in 1973, Luigi embraced his training and adventure in the world of photography when he was only 14 years old. Now, more than 30 years later, and with a profound experience in the sector, he is the owner of FOTOROTASTUDIO where he manages a team of professional photographers and video makers. Luigi was one of the first pioneer photographers to apply the reportage approach in wedding photography. By changing style and techniques he continues to produce dynamic and emotional images of the highest quality. He has received important awards and