Silver 2021 / Editorial / Conflict

Mud Swings In Fire Fields

  • Photographer
    Andoni Lubaki
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prizes
    Silver in Editorial/Conflict

In the Washokani refugee camp, the average age of its inhabitants is just over eighteen. Most of those who seek refuge in this huge complex of canvas tents are under the age of ten. It is one of the youngest populations on the planet. Many of them have not known a day of peace since they came to this world. The war in northern Syria has affected all age ranges of the population, but especially the youngest. Those who were born in a country already destroyed by the conflict, do not see the end of the conflict, thus mortgaging their future to a peace that does not come.

Born in Urretxu in 1982, Andoni Lubaki is an award-winning photo reporter based in Basque Country covering MENA countries and interested in national and social identities After completing a degree in Computer Science, Andoni took his camera as an excuse to travel the world. In an old car and with his brother, he traveled throughout √Āfrica. The experience led him to focus his career on photography and he became a well known spanish photojournalist.