Silver 2021 / Editorial / Photo Essay

The Last Strip Club of Miami Beach

  • Photographer
    Vincent Pflieger
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prizes
    Silver in Editorial/Photo Essay

This series was shot on Kodak film and digital from October 2018 to March 2019, while doing a documentary about the backstage of a strip club in Miami Beach. The last historic strip club of Miami beach, owned by by the infamous and controverted figure of the American nightlife: Leeroy Griffith Some of double exposure pictures result of an accident by putting a roll of film already used that same night. What could have been frustrating for me, turn this particular roll of film into a new story, a double lecture, that I think is even more relevant than if it was a single image.

Vincent Pflieger Aka Streetadelic is a documentary photographer from Paris, now living in NYC. He discovered photography by trying the old analog camera of his father in 2014 and started shooting pictures in the street, his everyday environnement. Since then, he only shoot film photography, attracted by colors and subjects in their environnement to create unique street scene. After his first series in black and white published by Vice about the Parisian subway, he pursued different projects in NYC. You may see his work on web media and print like Fubiz, Konbini, iGnant, Time Out.