Bronze 2021 / Editorial / General News

Portraits of The New Normal

  • Photographer
    Eduardo Lopez Moreno
  • Agency / Studio
    Social Photographer
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Editorial/General News

Face covering recreates who we are, how we are perceived. Beyond prevention, it changes the boundaries of ourselves, presents a shield and the possibility to sink into anonymity. Face masks draw new maps of social distance and proximity and are a new pedagogy of social relations and interactions. They open new windows of identity and representation. With half the face covered, we need to explore new ways of approach, retreat and distinction. With coloured masks, elastic bands and medical ones, or self-made cloths, portraits in the new normality are a different construct of ourselves.

I like to travel and encounter the world with its streets and its people, but the part that corresponds to my interest, my vision and philosophy of life. My photos are a look at someone's world, a journey into their space and their life; an attempt to build a story without affection, , as part of a social commitment. My images aim to reunite us with the common man, using a simple visual grammar that reveals the value of the everyday hidden life. Images that are the time of the people and the people in their time.