Silver 2021 / Editorial / General News

Spanish Army Balmis Operation During Covid-19

  • Photographer
    Pablo Lasaosa
  • Agency / Studio
    Pablo Lasaosa
  • Prizes
    Silver in Editorial/General News

During the first months of the coronavirus crisis, Spain was totally confined. The Government launched Operation Balmis. Thousands of soldiers took to the streets carrying out security work, logistical support in critical infrastructures, disinfection of centers, health capacities or border surveillance. The regiment "America 66" from the Spanish Army in Pamplona was in charge of, together with the Civil Guard, guarding the eight border points of the Spanish region of Navarra with France.

Born in Pamplona in 1992, as a child he began to dream of making his passion become his profession. It was so obvious, that his father, photography lover, inmediately realized the boy was missing a camera. As a teenager he took the definitive step and acquires his great travel companion, a Nikon D40 camera, which would become his ally until today. He took a course of image and sound in his hometown and began to interact with recognized people of journalism and photography in Navarre. Pablo Lasaosa, who is currently a graphic reporter, has worked for major national and international brands and