Gold 2021 / Book / People

Water For Naalatimi

  • Photographer
    Kureng Dapel
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prizes
    Gold in Book/People

There we stand at the bank where our streams and rivers once flowed. before us now, a sea of sand. What do we do? Where do we go? We do not have water to live. Our animals cry out in thirst and cannot give us enough milk. The closest source of clean water is about 28km to 30km away, which is approximately an 8 hour journey on foot . Each individual travels the entire distance and back, for only 20 litres of water, which barely last one day for an entire family.

My father was a photographer. That probably makes this art a part of my DNA. But the skill of creative photography was forced out by the gift of a camera from my Pastor somewhat out of the blues. As I indulged my curiosity with this new device handed to me, every click plus every editing and other post production process, made me realize a line up of three words: truth, nature, creativity. I am passionate about infusing creativity in every piece of truth I present as pictures. With every image I capture, I allow nature pull me into its creative power so I can tell its truth as I recreate.