Silver 2021 / Book / Fine Art


  • Prizes
    Silver in Book/Fine Art
  • Company
    Fotograf Joakim Kocjancic
  • Photographer
    Joakim Kocjancic

In the beginning, humans migrated from Africa to the landmass we now call Europe. However, it would take a further 37,000 years for the first European borders to take shape. Photographer Joakim Kocjancic has a hard time accepting theses borders and has for the last two decades travelled across the continent searching for an identity that is not limited by these borders. Making these cities blend together into one metropolis, Europea, dissolving borders and shifting the focus onto the human condition. With his b/w images he creates an inner reality in the borderland between dreams and reality.

Joakim Kocjancic is a documentary photographer and artist who was born 1975 in Milan where he also grew up. He has been studying art in Italy, painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and an MA in photojournalism in London. After that he ended up working and living in several European cities before he moved to Stockholm, Sweden, in 2005. He is known for his personal project ”Paradise Stockholm” where he is focusing on the normality and the daily life, trying to make it special and unique through photography. Europea is his new monograph published by Max Ström in 2020.