Bronze 2021 / Book / Documentary

Ohrid-Cultural and Spiritual Heritage

  • Photographer
    Stojan Saveski
  • Agency / Studio
    Private Editor
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Book/Documentary

The photo monograph "Ohrid - Cultural And Spiritual Heritage" (2020) presents the legacy of the ancient city of Ohrid and its surroundings. The book contains the 22 most important cultural sites segmented into several chapters, illustrated with 220 photographs. The photo monograph has dimensions of 210mm x 210mm, with a volume of 231 pages. The publication aims to fill the gap of quality materials in English, which present the rich cultural heritage that Macedonia has at its disposal. It also marks a significant jubilee, 40 years since the registration of Ohrid under the protection of UNESCO.

My own and joint works in the fields related to the cultural history of Macedonia and ancient Ohrid, have been present across Europe for over 35 years. I am the author of numerous journalistic articles, brochures, multimedia projects and over a dozen books dedicated to my city. Some of my personal work includes: the CD “Ohrid at your fingertips”, the DVD “Magical Ohrid”, the photo monographs “Monastery of St. Naum Ohridski” and “Ohrid - cultural and spiritual heritage”, and the international projects “Bizanzio e i Balcani”, “Gardner's Art through the Ages”.