Gold 2021 / Advertising / Food

Pink Fish Carousel

  • Prizes
    Gold in Advertising/Food
  • Photographer
    Judith Balari

This image was created with the idea of making stand out the beauty of this Mediterranean fish. Its Italian name is CEPOLA (bandfish) and has the shape of a lace. Its beauty is astonishing due to the pinkish colours. Being so subtle and delicate I created a carousel to make the image stronger.

Judith Balari is a native Argentinian living in Ferrara, a small medieval town in Northern Italy. . In 2002 she moved to Italy, which gave her great inspiration in everything she saw from its landscapes, its welcoming people but above all, its famous and delicious cuisine.Her pictures have a simple goal, to tell a story giving the observer a sense of belonging. When she shoots food, flavors and aromas mix together to create a visual sensation on the eye of the beholder.