Bronze 2021 / Portfolio / Personal (Non-Pro)

The Witch Pot

  • Photographer
    Ursula Ferrara
  • Agency / Studio
    Ursula Ferrara
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Portfolio/Personal

I started from the primordial chemistry, creating a primordial broth in which I put my photos I mixed the four elements: air, water, fire, earth, with nitrogenous slag, sea water and crude oil, leaving the pictures there for days, exposed to wind and rain, that creating unexpected effects on the surface of pictures. The photos are taken with an ultra large format analog camera 16x 20 inch It was a journey from an intact photo to a corrupted one, a transition given by time and chemistry and luck, just as people are changed by anything happen in their life, being it time, or chemistry,or luck

Ursula Ferrara is an Italian photographer, painter and animation film director. She started with her father’s Leica at the age of 13 and studied analogic photograpy at the Florence Academy. She take a PhD in film animation.She is passionate with ancient techniques, such as wet plate, and continues to experiment, with self-built cameras for ultra large format photography, including recently a camera van. Web site: