Silver 2021 / Portfolio / Fine Art (Non-Pro)

The Birds Know More

  • Photographer
    Maarten Van Den Bossche
  • Prizes
    Silver in Portfolio/Fine Art, Bronze in Portfolio/Personal

The imaginative story of Oskar’s poetic quest. Oskar lives in harmony with his environment, a protective wood with rivers running through it. One night, dozens of trees are blown over, and Oskar wonders why. Who and what is the source of the mysterious power? He sets up observation posts to try to get to the bottom of this invisible force. He report on these attempts and his doubts to his friend Nel.

Originally trained as a theatre set constructor, Maarten Van den Bossche obtained a master’s degree in Photography at KASK School of Arts Ghent. He currently works as a nature conservationist and takes photographs in his spare time. His background in scenography echoes through most of his photo series in which he continuously fictionalizes and reinvents himself. He uses photography as a channel to explore our plural collective and individual identities. Lonely in the landscape of abandoned places or remote areas, he explores intimate interactions with surrounding natural worlds.