Gold 2021 / People / Life Style (Non-Pro)

Suspended Lives

  • Photographer
    Salvatore Montemagno
  • Prizes
    Gold in People/Life Style

We are living in very dark times, full of anguish and fear, coming to us through the TV screens with real-time updates on the pandemic and through the window panes with the harrowing sound of sirens that repeat and chase each other all day. The pandemic has upset our lives, suspended them, and locked up at home, we wait to start living them again. I took these photos of my neighbors during the last period my region was in the red zone. One photo a day, at sunset. A series of portraits of a humanity that looks out, frightened, tense, but hopeful, has emerged.

Born in Sicily on 01/04/1962, I live in Montichiari (BS). I have been taking photographs for a very long time, but I have only been taking "my" photographs for a few years. A key event was the encounter with digital. Photography for me is the externalization of inner images: I have no claim, no intention, much less the desire to document reality. I love to interpret reality… trying to express artistically what otherwise would be inexpressible. I am self-taught