Gold 2021 / People / Culture (Non-Pro)

The Young Breeder

  • Photographer
    Roberto Pazzi
  • Prizes
    Gold in People/Culture

Portrait of a Mundari child with a bull of the cattle (South Sudan). The Mundari are cattle herders of South Sudan, who dedicate their lives to the care of their cattle. They live in symbiosis with their bovines. In their cattle camps, kids are doing most of the daily work. Kids collect the fresh cow dung and put it into piles which are then set on fire to repel the voracious mosquitoes of the South Sudanese countryside. The young kids with few adult guardinas are sleeping with the cows. The ash from dung fires, as fine as talcum powder, is often used as bedding.

Graduated in engineering, Roberto is a multi award winning and published travel photographer. Roberto has a permanent exposition in Singapore, he is an author for a Brazilian gallery and he organizes and leads photo expeditions to remote cultures.