Gold 2021 / Nature / Wildlife (Non-Pro)

White Horse

  • Photographer
    Nimet Gonenc Cinaroglu
  • Prizes
    Gold in Nature/Wildlife

I took the picture in Kayseri/Hürmetçi Reeds in August. Almost 400 jades were galloping around freely. I was running after the herd with great excitement. My eyes were on the white one. You have to keep your eyes on them all the time because they move fast. There were dust clouds everywhere. The white horse was intertwined with the other horses with different colors as it was turning and I pressed the shutter at this exact moment.

I was born in Kayseri’s Develi district in 1985. I completed my middle and high school education in Kayseri. I graduated from the Department of Political Sciences and Public Administration. After completing the Master of Business Administration, I am now working at the audit company in Kayseri as an independent accountant and financial advisor. I met photography in 2012. I participated various workshops and courses. Thanks to the books I’ve read and the magazines published in photography domain, I’ve had knowledge of documentary photography even if just a bit.