Silver 2021 / Nature / Seasons (Non-Pro)

Gimsøy In Morning Light

  • Photographer
    André Wandrei
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prizes
    Silver in Nature/Seasons

This fantastic sunrise, by the wooden church of Gimsøy, was offered to me this year in February. Most of the time the snow is crushed by many footprints. But during the night it had snowed fresh and nowhere were there any footprints in the snow. I was all alone there and enjoyed the peace and quiet. When the sun came up and the gravestones cast long shadows, the atmosphere was perfect! What a luck to experience something like that. Everything was perfect.

For me, landscape photography means experiencing nature with all my senses. In my work, I try to capture these natural beauties and lend duration to the moment. In doing so, I want to draw the viewer into the picture with my photos. Of course I would like to present my photographic works and share them with you. I would be pleased to have you visit my website!