Bronze 2021 / Nature / Aerial (Non-Pro)

Visiting The Saline

  • Photographer
    Magali Chesnel
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Nature/Aerial

After a few months of lockdown, we were all eager to go onto the roads, beaches for the upcoming holiday weekend. Travels have never felt more needed. Most of us couldn't wait to go out again, freely, as soon as it would be safe and restrictions allowed. Today, it's time to enjoy this free life found back again, while respecting rules in place, such as staying 'on the move', maintaining social distancing and hygiene measures. Here, we can see from above, a group of visitors on holiday discovering a pink saline and walking in its streets.

I am an artist painter and self-taught photographer. Born in Versailles and a native of Brittany - France. I work in Geneva – Switzerland. I really enjoy having the flexibility of stretching my wings, in order to explore all the moments that life has to offer to photography. I am specialized in capturing “the moment” in the course of life, more than fixed times. When I am taking photos, I have usually no expectations. I go fishing and I don't know what I will find. My ambition: to be witness of my time, to anticipate events with news photos, to inform the public and to raise awareness.