Gold 2021 / Events / Music (Non-Pro)

You Can'T Stop The Wind With Your Hands.

  • Photographer
    Catia Mencacci
  • Prizes
    Gold in Events/Music

I wanted to represent a phenomenon that struck me a lot, the phenomenon of Russia in the Cold War called Bone Music when listening to Western music was banned even with arrest. The images are the digital union between imprinted X-ray plates and vinyls, all original, using the covers as labels for the discs. I also added my own personal interpretazion, which consists in having created a correspondence between the parts of the body imprinted in the plates and the images detected in the covers. The central hole, as was the case at that time, I made by piercing the plates with a lit cigarette.

Catia Mencacci approached to the photography world in 2012, as an adult. The inscription on her first photo course is a joke. Without any knowledge in photographic material and having never felt the need to take pictures before then, partecipates in early teachings without having a camera. Her interest became a real passion very early. She was mostly intersted to an impressionistic, oniric world in which the image brings the soul of the observer in a magical world: a world made of emotions and feelings such a solitude, concern and melancholy. She exposed in personal and collective exhibitions