Silver 2021 / Editorial / Photo Essay (Non-Pro)

Great Prayer

  • Photographer
    David Marciano
  • Prizes
    Silver in Editorial/Photo Essay

Great Monlam prayers festival was established by Lama Tsongkapa in 1409. Monlam celebration have been observed every year in a lot of places in Tibet and it is the most important religious festival for the tibetans people. The most important day is “ unveiling the Buddha”, monks and pilgrims carry a huge Buddha painting ( TANGKHA) on their backs and unroll it on the hill so that it can be bless all people.These photos were taken in Labrang, Tongren and Langmusi

David Marciano began to take an interest in photography in the early 90s, when before leaving for a volunteer experience in India, he bought his first reflex, since then travel, solidarity and photography will go hand in hand. He trained within Italian photographic circles, his subjects are portraits, street photography but above all to storytelling, he focusing his interest in telling small stories that are part of the culture, customs and religious aspect of the countries he visits.