Silver 2021 / Editorial / General News (Non-Pro)

Morris " Il Cinemaio"

  • Prizes
    Silver in Editorial/General News
  • Photographer
    Fiorella Baldisserri

Cinema has always been Morris Donini's dream. Everyone knows and loves him as Morris the “cinemaio”, the artisan of the cinema.In this year of forced closure due to the pandemic, he decides to keep showing movies in an empty theater, sits on an armchair. He keeps the doors open to allow the inhabitants of the small town to hear the voices of the stories projected, while light come out to send a message: cinema exists, the show goes on.Resilience.Morris and sometimes his dog, as a sole spectator in a moment of great difficulty, with closed cinemas but with rents to be paid, hoping that lights w

Fiorella Baldisserri, my study and interests is in art and all its forms, I’m photographer from Bologna I’ve been travelling since I was a kid thanks to my mum who led me to the pleasure of discovery the world from the really early age. Professional approach to photography arrives in 2016 when I attended several in-depth courses with teachers such as Fulvio Bugani, Laura De Marco,Fausto Podavini,Joe McNally.Some of mine pictures are published.I like feeling the color of the imagine taking shape in the frame composition while my eye catchs a reflection, a shade,an act.Nothing is random.