Gold 2021 / Editorial / sports (Non-Pro)

Mongolian Contortionism

  • Photographer
    David Marciano
  • Prizes
    Gold in Editorial/sports

Most likely the tradition of Mongolian contortionism dates back to the practices of Buddhist monks, who used to bend the body to the will of the mind. Later, the Mongolian states circus became famous all over the world. After the fall of communism the Mongolian people regained the tradition of contortionism and circus art, obtaining widespread interest and opening amateur and professional schools.

David Marciano began to take an interest in photography in the early 90s, when before leaving for a volunteer experience in India, he bought his first reflex, since then travel, solidarity and photography will go hand in hand. He trained within Italian photographic circles, his subjects are portraits, street photography but above all to storytelling, he focusing his interest in telling small stories that are part of the culture, customs and religious aspect of the countries he visits.