Bronze 2021 / Book / People (Non-Pro)

Personal History

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Book/People
  • Photographer
    Carole Glauber

"Personal History" examines the lives of my two sons, Ben and Sam—a span covering 30 years. I used a 1950’s Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera, which I tried by chance. I fell in love with the square negative that replaced the rectangle I had known. The imperfections in the imagery reflect the inevitable flaws in our lives: the soft colors are about love and affection, and the constant square creates firm, fixed boundaries, suggesting a steady, uniform quality that we all need in our lives. At centerstage are my sons who we can watch mature from an early age to becoming young men.

Carole Glauber is a photographer and photo-historian—a combination that influences the photographs she makes. While traveling, or at home, she strives to capture cultures, people, and landscapes to express her experiences during the day or night. She uses different kinds of cameras ranging from digital to film, to create and record her imagery, often moving from the literal to the impressionistic. She is the author of two books: Personal History (Daylight Books, 2020) and Witch of Kodakery: The Photography of Myra Albert Wiggins 1869-1956 (Washington State University Press, 1997).