Silver 2021 / Architecture / Interiors (Non-Pro)

Risorgimento Proud

  • Prizes
    Silver in Architecture/Interiors
  • Photographer
    Christian Basetti

As a photographer of abandoned places I have traveled to different countries to capture the most beautiful buildings in decay but it is always to Italy that I turn my heart, with a patriotic feeling. The Italian architectural style is a heritage of our past. Beauty is hidden under a layer of neglect, dust and decay. But underneath, for those who know how to grasp it, the charm and elegance are maintained. I therefore apply an almost Caravaggesque style, remaining with an Italian theme, to bring out all the ancient pride of these environments corrupted by time.

Born in 1979, my photographic passion was born with landscape photography, a combination of adventure and photography. Since he’s fond of architectural photography, even in this case he admires the iconicity of the great works of the ancient and modern world; he feels the challenge to make the great works talk through his shots,as if they were silent, narcissistic creatures, waiting for someone to express their greatness. In 2015, the passion converges in the photography of ancient decadent places, trying to give voice to these structures full of melancholy charm, with a Caravaggio style.