Gold 2021 / Architecture / Bridges (Non-Pro)

Purity of Lines

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    Gold in Architecture/Bridges

An incredible moment by the bridge of Millau in France, who is like a gentle giant crossing with those pure lines. Purity of Lines by Niko / Millau,France,2020

NiKo (nobody) is the alter ego of the artist born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1977 and working in France since 2000. His early interest in comics, drawings and hand crafting lead him to discover/plunge into the world of photography. He is not interested in the pure aesthetics of the form but in the interpretation of common sights, things or situations. Niko is a mind traveler, sketching the coordinates of his parallel worlds with the shadows of his lenses. His photography talks about society, philosophy, religion, identity, morality, illusion, emotion and existence.