Gold 2021 / Advertising / Travel/Tourism (Non-Pro)

Morning Walk In The Bamboo Forest

  • Prizes
    Gold in Advertising/Travel/Tourism
  • Company
  • Photographer
    André Wandrei

A Japanese woman, dressed in a traditional kimono, on her morning walk through a bamboo forest in Kyoto. This photo was taken early in the morning shortly after 6:00 am. During the day, many people, especially tourists, crowd along here. Therefore the only possibility to take good photos is early in the morning. I also met some other photographers there and was lucky enough to take this photo.

For me, landscape photography means experiencing nature with all my senses. In my work, I try to capture these natural beauties and lend duration to the moment. In doing so, I want to draw the viewer into the picture with my photos. Of course I would like to present my photographic works and share them with you. I would be pleased to have you visit my website!