Silver 2021 / Advertising / Self-Promotion (Non-Pro)


  • Prizes
    Silver in Advertising/Self-Promotion
  • Photographer
    Karine Coll

-Against Domestic violence- The hands as witnesses of a too long forgotten body, metonymic fragments of a neglected soul,given as food to the monster lurking in the shadows.The hands which twist in silence, those which counter blows, which protect themselves, those which heal wounds in the half-light without ever daring, cruel pantomime smothered in the hollow of a fist.The image is soiled, a grain comes to invade the cliché, to soil it, drowning all humanity, all femininity.Silence,taboo, shut up!

Madly in love with the arts in the broad sense, greedy for words,stories, eager for esthetic experiences, passionate about theater, writing,full-time professor of letters, photographer-poet in my spare time, human being forever, Woman above all. For me, photography is the medium that allows me to get down to the essence of things, a three-step frenzied waltz in which scenography,esthetics and text all come together to create a powerful message.