2022 / Portfolio / Fine Art


  • Photographer
    Andrea Guedella
  • Agency / Studio
    Espacio Disparos

MIRAGES. It is not necessary to travel through a desert to find mirages. It only happens on the inner journey. Or earlier. Visions of reality transformed by the glass of memory Visions detached from another reality present in everyday life. Sometimes the desert feels, attracts us, envelops us and reflects us Although we do not see each other. Everyday places where through another look we can transport ourselves to another deep, subtle and magical space.

Andrea Guedella was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Graduated in graphic design and Advertising. She worked as a creative director until she becomes a visual artist. Since 2014 she has exhibited in art fairs, museums, and galleries. Locally and internationally. Actually she works as a free-lance photographer for editorial, advertising and portraits projects and she is also the one who directs “Espacio Disparos, Studio since 2018.