2022 / Portfolio / Fine Art

Shinto Chronicle

  • Photographer
    Soichiro Suizu
  • Agency / Studio
    Soichiro Suizu Photo Office

Over 60% of Japanese are non-religious. But one religion has existed in Japan since ancient times. It’s "Shinto". I feel it’s deeply rooted in all of Japanese.I felt it when I was faced with deaths of my grandfather,best friends,earthquake. After accepting their deaths, I felt I had to live strongly.I think this idea is based on??"Shinto". In "Shinto",people,nature,and everything else become gods after lives and continue to watch over the world.And there is an idea that 8,000,000 gods are in the world. I expressed the world where”life”and “spirit”exist together with being based on”Shinto".

1987 Born on October in Gifu,Japan 2004Started taking photos          because my grand father liked it. 2010Graduated from Chuo Univ. 2011 Started working as a photographer for Sen Co. 2012 Started working for iino studios. 2013 Started working as a freelance photographer. 2016 Lived in NY for two years. 2018 Started Working around Tokyo.