2022 / Portfolio / Advertising


  • Photographer
    Tobias Meier
  • Agency / Studio

This editorial was shot over one day at a studio in Vancouver, B.C. The set for this photoshoot was designed to be a fresh take on a summer editorial. The set consisted of two moveable backdrops which were backlit. On them is a mirrored beach location from Seychelles. Depending on the photo, one of the backdrops was paired with a third, sky coloured installation suggesting a partial cube shape. The floor consists of a shiny black material which reflects the backdrops. The wrinkled effect of this material creates ‘virtual waves’ moving out across the floor.

2b+photo (Tobias Meier) specializes in storytelling photography for fashion and advertising. 2b+photo makes conceptual photography, with many intricacies to draw the viewer in. He carefully combines complex sets, backdrops and visual effects for contemporary photography with a surrealist and pop-art feel. His work is detailed and colorful, communicating brand aesthetics through highly stylized photography. His portfolio features international designers including designers regularly featured at Paris Fashion Week. 2b+photo editorials have gained over 80 international fashion photography awards