2022 / People / Portrait

Naked Face

  • Photographer
    Izabela Lapinska
  • Agency / Studio
    PWSFTviT Lodz

Typological portraits, defining the mystery play of life, expose the process of destruction, the mechanism of passing, the intimate fear that is shared by each of us.The same stylistics of photography, the formal rigour of a close-up, austerity of the small frame and simultaneously boldness in the treatment of the subject matter reveals a moving physiological similarity. Every face is aging the same way, with wrinkled floppy gray skin, growths, furrows.I show that there is something like a universal face, a human face.

I am a professor in The Lodz Film School. In photography I am concerned with visualisation of feminine body, sensuality, eroticism, beauty, ugliness and exclusion. What is essential in my work is the delicate perception of body. Besides her photographic creation I am involved in writing critical literary texts concerning issues of body, obscenity, disability, based on film, photography, advertisements.