2022 / Nature / Wildlife

Magical Setting At The Pole

  • Photographer
    Marcello Galleano

A young white bear from Manitoba while lazily enjoying a soft snowfall. It is morning in Hudson Bay, Canada, and the bear has just woken up. I succeeded in capturing it at an extreme temperature (-26 °), in a surreal silence, after observing its habits for a few days. The polar bear spends most of its time sleeping and lounging in the snow. It only moves when it's hungry. To hunt its favorite prey – the seal – it is willing to walk hundreds of miles. Its refined nose allows the bear to sneak up on its prey when the seal rises to the surface to breathe.

Marcello Galleano, an entrepreneur in the field of nutraceuticals and herbal medicine, has always been a lover of nature and adventure trips. He has visited more than 86 countries worldwide and collaborates with non-profit associations in Africa and South America. Passionate about wildlife photography, he loves to capture the most incredible moments that the various environments offer and share the beauty of the world.