2022 / Nature / Wildlife

Chile, The Cougar Is On The Prowl

  • Photographer
    Marcello Galleano

A cougar, considered a god by the pre-Columbian Maya religion and the Aztecs, that I here photographed, while it was enjoying the crisp air of a December morning, in the Torres del Paine National Park. As it is the early morning, it’s doing one last round of reconnaissance before hiding in the shadow of some rock to sleep the whole day.

Marcello Galleano, an entrepreneur in the field of nutraceuticals and herbal medicine, has always been a lover of nature and adventure trips. He has visited more than 86 countries worldwide and collaborates with non-profit associations in Africa and South America. Passionate about wildlife photography, he loves to capture the most incredible moments that the various environments offer and share the beauty of the world.