2022 / Nature / Underwater

Triumphal Return

  • Photographer
    Masateru Kudo
  • Agency / Studio
    Teru Kudo Undersea

This is Mikomoto Island in Japan. The flow is complicated and difficult for divers. However, there are many herds of hammerhead sharks living here. Only those who rule this fierce sea can see this sight. By the way, most of these hammerhead sharks are female. It looked to me like the victorious return of the female warriors.

After the age of 40, he started scuba diving at the recommendation of a friend. Fascinated by the beautiful underwater world, he wants to convey the beauty to people who do not yet know the underwater world, so he self-taught to take underwater photographs. From the spring of 2020, he started full-scale activities as an underwater photographer as a freelancer.