2022 / Fine Art / Portrait

To Blossom

  • Photographer
    Mabru Rodrigues

In my work, I always try to bring representation to the photography I produce, working minimalism with the ludic, inspiring me in surrealist art to potencialized the images. To blossom is based on growth and evolution, with elements that give new meaning to art and all its beauty, in a way that refers to the ludic with reality, letting the bloom grow in the imagination of each one.

Mabru Rodrigues has a degree in Performing Arts, but it was in photography that he discovered himself artistically, as a self-taught artist, he began to produce editorials, seeking to give representation to his art. Freelancer works with editorials and portraits, seeking to enhance natural beauty, dialoguing about plurality in photography, capturing the image from another angle of beauty, exploring minimalism and visual signs, bringing elements that bring symbologies and representation to his art.