2022 / Fine Art / Other

Neo Plasticisme

  • Photographer
    Gwen-Ael Bedel
  • Agency / Studio
    Bedel Gwen-Ael

Neo Plasticisme is a tribute. I have chosen to present four series. The link between them is the tribute to different artists Picasso, Mondrian,Andy Warhol, YSL and Claude Lalanne. these series is proposing an adaptation of their works, first in a photographic way but also by modernising and contextualising them in our time. For Picasso I was inspired by Jacqueline with flowers 1954 and woman sitting in the garden 1938. For Mondrian I was inspired by all his work. For YSL and Claude Lalanne it is their 1969 collaboration. For Warhol it is a Marylin deptych of life and death.

I am a French photographer based in Nancy. I discover my passion in 2018 during a trip to Scotland where I get my first camera at the age of 20. I took pictures of different Scottish landscapes and it was only 2 years later that I decided to link my passion for art to photography, I realized my first projects in the summer of 2020. After a year learning as an amateur and carrying out different projects, I want to deepen my knowledge in photography to support the ideas. It is at Gobelins Paris that I want to develop my knowledge, and in 2021 realizes my project and obtain a diploma.