2022 / Fine Art / Other

The Roses

  • Photographer
    Jan Maghreb

I went to the theater and on the way I met a florist, where these roses were in the shop window. I managed to take pictures, even though they wanted to close and go home from the store. I was a little worried if the photo worked, I took pictures on film and there was little light, but luckily it worked out.

My photos live with a story you are never alone with. It brings comfort, spark, stimulates imagination.They discover new, hitherto hidden ways. They make sense. They are useful for their beauty, grace and tenderness.They express the desire of the human soul for peace, Love and understanding. And they help to realize it. I see myself as a painter who paints with the camera lens and who was gifted with the ability to see precious moments. My pictures are real: they are what I saw in my travels. I mostly shoot on film, but I also use digital cameras and sometimes my fruit phone.