2022 / Fine Art / Other

Tiny Planet-Sur-Seine

  • Photographer
    Christian Kleiman
  • Agency / Studio
    Christian Kleiman Photography

Tiny Planet-sur-Seine covers a series of images that portray a concept of specific locations provoking an awakening to see them differently by changing our perception. Along Seine River banks, in the area between Pont du Sully and Pont de Bir-Hakeim, you can discover some of Paris's most incredible architectural treasures and amazing views. Fascinated by the creative expression that is awaiting to be revealed. I would like to share my concept about a location and suggest that each place has its own landmark. My vision strives in provoking an awakening to see the world differently.

Christian Kleiman is a fine art photographer who through inspiration and self-teaching evolves continuously by exploring new ways of expression in search of the unheard perspective. After service as a freelance photographer in aerial photography, 360 immersive photography, and the creation of virtual tours, Christian moved to New Zealand in 2014, where during the following eight years he focused on specific locations in Polynesia, especially in New Zealand and the Fiji Islands for his surreal concept series; "What a Wonderful World". Christian is currently established in the UAE