2022 / Fine Art / Landscape

Lonely Cloud

  • Photographer
    Todor Tilev
  • Agency / Studio
    Todor Tilev Breathtaking Photo

During the summer of 2021 with my family we went to Fanore Beach in County Clare in Ireland. I noticed a Lonely Cloud over the ocean. I found it very interesting. I used my telephoto lens to to approach the Lonely Cloud. It even made the picture more dramatic.

Todor Tilev is Multi-Award Winning Photographer. Todor is Bulgarian Photographer, who for the last 18 years has been living in Ireland. His pictures have been published worldwide. For the last few years Todor Tilev has won hundreds of Competitions and Awards at National and International level. His pictures have been featured in post cards, calendars, educational courses, websites, newspapers, TV, magazines and galleries.