2022 / Fine Art / Collage

A Kingdom Amongst The Clouds

  • Photographer
    Cheraine Collette

In a world where animals are praised as gods by their guests. Their pantheon carries palaces, cities, and castles, graciously on their backs as precious jewels. Decorated with the local treasures of the earth and built by the finest craftsmen, only the most beautiful is expected. Withstanding the force of the oceans, snowy mountains, endless green to the aridest deserts, The inhabitants take great pride to be part of, and have a deep love for, their animal that carries them to the wonders of the earth.

Cheraine Collette, born in the Netherlands, graduated in 2015 in Photographic Design at The Fotovakschool University of Applied Photography. Cheraine's work covers every aspect of photographic production, from photographing- to manipulating and digitally painting her images. Her works form imaginary worlds that are built out of a large body of photographs of nature, and locations that are captured across Europe and Africa, and are digitally painted together on her digital canvas.