2022 / Editorial / Photo Essay

She Hunts

  • Photographer
    Ingerid Jordal
  • Agency / Studio
    Fotograf Jordal

This project started with me seeing a photograph of a friend on facebook. She stood widelegged over a large reindeer buck she just had shot. The wind was tussling her hair, some blood was splattered on her clothes, and she had a great smile and a firm grip of the animals antlers. She was heavily pregnant. This image powerfully challenged my perception of women’s identity. I therefore set off on an exploration to understand what it means to be a woman hunter.

Ingerid Jordal is a freelance photojournalist based in the west of Norway, with a passion for the deep north and Arctic region. She works both on assignment and personal projects in Norway and abroad. She specialises in photo reportage and portraiture, and give lectures on press photography. Ingerid holds a MA of Photographic studies from University of Westminster (UK) and has been working as a professional photographer and writer since graduation in 2005. She is a member of the Association of Norwegian Visual Artists and Norwegian Press Photographers Union.