2022 / Editorial / General News

Brave Figure

  • Photographer
    Cain Shimizu

There was an airplane that crashed into the lake during World War II. The aircraft, which had been sunk on the bottom of the lake for a long time, was pulled up for the first time in about 70 years. The aircraft doesn't say anything, but its brave figure tells everything.

I am a black and white Photographer from Japan. I became interested in cameras when I was in high school. After that, I didn't shoot for a while, but when I was 30 I started shooting again. At that time, I was mainly shooting landscapes in color. However, around 2018, I started taking monochrome photographs in earnest. I was convinced that taking a work in black and white would more accurately represent the scenery I felt. Since then, I have been shooting mainly Japanese landscapes , streets and aircraft.