2022 / Book / Fine Art

Washed As White As Snow: The Life of Jesus Christ

  • Photographer
    Melissa Robertson
  • Agency / Studio
    Melissa N. Robertson

Real-life snowflakes display the life of Jesus Christ and his love for all people. Angels came to earth sharing his birth. People walked miles and climbed mountains to see this remarkable man. Christ healed and loved all people, yet people mocked him and sent him to a pain-filled death. He died but rose again to show He is God. He ascended to Heaven on clouds to sit at the right hand of God. He will defeat the evil of Satan in a final battle. His life shows trusting in Him lets us live freely and as fishers of people, so all people have the chance for an eternity with Him in Heaven one day.

I have enjoyed taking pictures all my life. In 2018, I captured a snowflake that looked like a flower. The snowflakes inspired me to pursue macro photography. I have spent a lot of time, night and day, capturing the beauty and tiny details of the smallest flakes that land within my yard, trees, deck, and space around. My desire is to share the beauty of this piece of nature with the world. My photographs have become the illustrations in my new book series, Washed as White as Snow, released in 2019. I still enjoy all photography because I can remember passing moments for years to come.